Home Lottery Report Win over $300 million with American Mega Millions!

Win over $300 million with American Mega Millions!

Big Jackpot Alert levels 

American Mega Millions and American Powerball keep their Level 1 Big Jackpot Alert status this week, with incredible jackpot prizes of $355 million and $322 respectively. 

EuroMillions has dropped off of the Jackpot Alerts after a winner on last Friday’s draw, but the Oz Lotto is going from strength to strength with its ever-increasing jackpot. It has now reached Level 4, with a top-tier prize of AUD$50 million! 


2022-09-29 Big Jackpot Alert

LottoExpress Big Jackpot alert levels use an algorithm to work out how big the jackpot is in comparison to historical data.


Jackpot league tables


After 2 weeks of no movement, we are happy to report a shuffle in the Jackpot League table this week! The top 2 spots, however, remain the same, taken by American Mega Millions and American Powerball

Oz Lotto bumps up to 3rd place after a rollover this week, and the EuroMillions moves down after a winner was announced on Friday. The bottom of the table has also seen a shuffle, with the French Lotto and Australian Lotto 6/45 switching places. But with jackpots of €7 million and AUD$5 million respectively, there’s still every reason to play.


2022-09-29 Jackpot League Table


Lottery news

2022-09-29 Lottery News-1

National Lottery bosses are searching for a winner from Wolverhampton, UK, who has still not claimed the £7.4m jackpot from June.

In other news…

Camelot is delighted to have received a claim for the third biggest ever win for the UK EuroMillions after last Friday’s draw.



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