The minimum jackpot for the Irish Lotto is €2 million, with the potential to roll over to €19 million, a jackpot which was won in 2022 by a syndicate in County Carlow. When it reaches this amount, any additional winnings are trickled down into the lower prize tiers. All winnings are tax free on the Irish Lotto.

About Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto Results

Irish Lotto winning numbers are drawn every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:45pm. The winning numbers will be shown here afterwards.

Irish Lotto Odds

The luck of the Irish could be with you! There's a 1 in 29 chance of winning any prize when you play the Irish Lotto.

Irish Lotto Statistics

There are 8 ways to win a prize when you play Irish Lotto. To win the Irish Lotto Jackpot, you need to match all 6 numbers.

Irish Lotto Prizes

You can win a prize on EuroMillions by matching just 2 numbers. Following this, there are 12 more ways to win including matching all of your numbers to win the jackpot!

Irish Lotto Winners

The biggest jackpot ever on Irish Lotto was €19 million, won in January 2022 by a single ticket holder.

How to play Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto has a number pool of 1-47. Pick 6 numbers from the pool to play. The draw will pick 6 plus 1 bonus number.