The German Lotto has 2 draw dates with different minimum jackpots. Wednesday draws start at €1 million and doubles for the Saturday draw. There are no rollover limits for the German Lotto. It was first played in October 1955 and the biggest prize to date is €45.4 million.

About German Lotto

German Lotto Results

German Lotto is drawn every Wednesday at 6:25 CET and Saturday at 7:25 CET. Results will be posted here after the draw.

German Lotto Odds

The odds of winning a prize when playing the German Lotto is 1:57. There are 9 categories to win from.

German Lotto Statistics

The most common German Lotto numbers chosen are 6, 49 and 11. Will these be your picks when you next play?

German Lotto Prizes

There are 9 ways to win when you play German Lotto. Prizes are available for matching as few as two main numbers plus the Superzahl.

German Lotto Winners

The largest German Lotto jackpot to date was worth €45,382,458 and shared between three ticket holders in 2007.

How to play German Lotto

Playing German Lotto is simple. Pick 6 numbers from a range of 1 - 49 and a Superball (Superzahl) number from a separate pool of 0 - 9.