Played across 9 European countries, EuroMillions has a minimum jackpot of €17 million and can experience rollovers until the top-tier prize reaches the incredible amount of €240 million. EuroMillions prizes are tax-free in all countries apart from Spain, Switzerland and Portugal and are paid out in one lump sum.

About EuroMillions

EuroMillions Results

The EuroMillions draw take place every Tuesday and Friday at 8:45pm CET. You can check the winning numbers here after every draw.

EuroMillions Odds

The odds could be in your favour for EuroMillions. To win any prize when playing EuroMillions, you have a 1 in 13 chance.

EuroMillions Statistics

The first EuroMillions draw was held on 13th February 2004, but since 2 Lucky Stars were introduced in September 2016, the most commonly drawn have been 2 and 3.

EuroMillions Prizes

You can win a prize on EuroMillions by matching just 2 numbers. Following this, there are 12 more ways to win including matching all of your numbers to win the jackpot!

EuroMillions Winners

The biggest EuroMillions jackpot was £195 million (€230 million) won in July 2022 in the UK.

How to play EuroMillions

You play EuroMillions by selecting 5 numbers from a pool of 1-50, plus 2 Lucky Star numbers from a pool of 1-12.