El Gordo (the fat one) is actually the nickname of the top prize-winning ticket number. El Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad -the Christmas Lottery - has been played since 1812 and currently has a top prize of €4 million for one ticket (consisting of 10 décimos). Winnings under €2500 are tax-free.

About El Gordo

El Gordo Results

The draw takes place at 9am on December 22nd. You can check the winning results here shortly after the live draw.

El Gordo Odds

An estimated 14% of people will win a prize when playing El Gordo, the Spanish Christmas Lottery. Get your tickets quickly to be in with a chance!

El Gordo Statistics

The most common final digit of winning El Gordo tickets are 4 and 8. You might find people asking what the final number is when they purchase a ticket.

El Gordo Prizes

You can win a prize by matching any part of the winning El Gordo ticket code. El Gordo pays out over €2.2 billion in prizes!

El Gordo Winners

El Gordo holds the record for the biggest lottery in the world, with over €2.3 billion paid out in prizes each year.

How to play El Gordo

Just like a raffle, you purchase a décimo (1/10th) or a ticket to play El Gordo. There are around 170 series each with 170 tickets available.