El Niño (referring to the Baby Jesus) is played on King's Day every year, January 6th. El Niño lottery was first drawn in 1941, originally on January 5th. 70% of the total revenue goes into the prize fund, which is a massive €700 million. There are 100,000 tickets for sale, each with 45 ticket 'sets' made up of 10 shares each.

About El Niño Lotto

El Niño Lotto Results

El Niño lottery results will be available online immediately after the draw on January 6th 2023.

El Niño Lotto Odds

The philosophy of this draw is to share many prizes between all of the lottery players. Over 1 in 3 tickets wins a prize on the El Niño lottery!

El Niño Lotto Statistics

Throughout the history of the draws, the first prize of the El Niño lottery has mostly ended in an even number.

El Niño Lotto Prizes

There is €700 million up for grabs every year when El Niño lottery is played, with the top prize being €2 million.

El Niño LottoWinners

In 2022, the top prize El Niño lottery ticket was bought by Logroño residents, with each of the 280 decimos winning €168,000!

How to play El Niño Lotto

Players of the El Niño lottery can purchase as little as 1/10th of a ticket (a décimo) through to multiple tickets.