French Lotto started in 1976 with 3 draws a week. The minimum French Lotto jackpot is €2 million, with each rollover adding €1 million to the prize fund. There can be 34 rollovers before the lottery becomes a 'must-win'. If there is no jackpot winner, the prize rolls down and is split between winners of the next winning prize tier.

About French Lotto

French Lotto Results

You have 3 chances to win every week when playing French Lotto. Draws are held on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 20:35 CET.

French Lotto Odds

When you play French Lotto, you have a 1 in 18 chance of winning an amount. There are 10 prize categories.

French Lotto Statistics

The most popular French Lotto numbers are 41, 44 and 31. Will you use these to pick your lottery numbers?

French Lotto Prizes

There are 10 ways to win on the French Lotto. From matching just the Lucky Number to matching all 5 plus the Lucky Number to win the jackpot!

French Lotto Winners

France's biggest single jackpot winner won €24 million on the French Lotto back in 2011.

How to play French Lotto

Choose 5 numbers from 1-47 plus one Lucky Number from a separate pool of 1-10 to play French Lotto.