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Your Lottery Update: Not one, but SIX Big Jackpot Alerts!

Big Jackpot Alert levels 

We told you to keep an eye out this week and we certainly weren’t wrong! With multiple rollovers over the past few days, we now have 6 Big Jackpot Alerts and some incredible jackpots to play for!

Big Jackpot Alert levels

Let’s start with the new entries. EuroMillions has reached Level 1 with its top prize of €79 million, but Australian Lotto 6/45 goes from zero straight to Level 2 due to a Superdraw happening this week! A AUD$20 million jackpot is up for grabs, so make sure you buy your tickets soon to be in with a chance of winning.

Both American Mega Millions and American Powerball have rolled over again this week, meaning that the latter goes from Level 1 to Level 2, matching that of the former. Their jackpots of $494 and $454 respectively are awe-inspiring, life-changing amounts. Just think of what you could do with even a slice of that!

EuroJackpot bumps to Level 2 with its jackpot of €63 million but taking the lead on this week’s Big Jackpot Alerts is Italy’s SuperEnalotto! The €286.5 million jackpot keeps it at Level 5, the highest level!

2022-10-13 Big Jackpot Alerts

Big Jackpot alert levels use an algorithm to work out how big the jackpot is in comparison to historical data.

Jackpot league tables

With so many rollovers happening in the last 7 days, there’s not much movement at all on the Jackpot League Table. From first place to 7th, the table has stayed completely still as each jackpot has risen.

The Australian Lotto 6/45 Superdraw ensures that it keeps its 6th-place spot, with AUD$ 20 million up for grabs, and the new lotteries from last week – SuperEnalotto and EuroJackpot – keep their 3rd and 5th places as well.

The only change in the table is at the bottom. Irish Lotto and French Lotto have switched places after a win on the first and a rollover on the latter this week. But, with €2 million and €3 million to be won on these two lotteries, there are still plenty of reasons to play!

2022-10-13 Jackpot League Table

Lottery news

2022-10-13 Lottery News

There are four National Lottery jackpots which have gone unclaimed in the West Midlands, UK, worth a cool £15 million. The mystery punters are being urged to come forward to collect their prizes – or risk losing a fortune. 

In other news…

Would you quit your job if you won the lottery? That’s exactly what a traffic controller in Perth has done after winning AUD$875,660. His first port of call? 

“The first thing I’m going to do is buy a mustang and drive to Queensland to see my brother,” he said.

Increase your jackpot winning chances

We’ve said it many times before – the best way to improve your chances of winning the lottery is by playing. So, get off the stand and play some ball! Simply play the lottery online and let the fun begin! 



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