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    10 Bizarre Things That Cost a Fortune!


    Imagine this. You’re playing your favourite lottery online. A few days later, you get the notification: You’ve got the winning numbers.  You’re a jackpot winner!

    So how would you spend all that new-found money?

    Most people say they would buy their dream house. Perhaps a car to go along with it. A nice vacation or two.

    But if you’ve ever wondered how multi-billionaires and the truly filthy rich amuse themselves, check out this outrageous list of expensive things in the world for some ideas!


    Gold & Platinum Yacht 

    Price: US$4.5 Billion

    The world’s most expensive yacht was made by UK designer Stuart Hughes for an anonymous Malaysian businessman. This  30-metre long yacht has 100,000 kg of gold and platinum. It even has a statue inside made from a T-rex dinosaur bone!





    World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suite

    Price: US$86,094

    The Grand Penthouse at the Mark in New York has a room rate of nearly US$86,094 PER NIGHT (including tax). This 1115 sq. foot suite has 5 bedrooms with custom furniture, a library lounge, 2 wet bars, a dining room and a private elevator so you can enjoy the views from the rooftop terrace.






    A Blue Diamond Ring

    Price: US$16.26 million

    The Chopard blue diamond ring is among one of the most expensive diamonds in the world and was valued at $16.26 million in 2009. This enormous 9 carat oval-shaped blue diamond also has an 18K white gold band, studded with diamonds!



    Gold & Diamond Iphone

    Price: US$12 million

    A 26 carat black diamond in place of the home button, 600 white diamonds at the back and 53 more diamonds to make the apple logo – this is not your average iphone! Oh and just in case it’s not obvious, it’s also made of out solid gold…





    A Gold Plated Car

    Price: US$10 million

    This gold-plated Bugatti Veyron is one of the world’s rarest modern cars – and the most extravagant. One of the owners is rapper, Flo Rida!





    World’s Most Expensive Photograph 

    Price: US$4.3 Million

    Made by German artist Andreas Gursky in 1999, the ‘Rhein II’ is probably the most expensive photograph ever sold. After all, when you’re that rich, what’s a couple of million on a photograph?






    A Floating Bed

    Price: US$1.6 Million

    For a million dollars, you could buy a floating bed. Suspended by magnets, this luxury bed floats 1.2 feet above the ground. Plus, it can hold up to over 1500 pounds!





    Million Dollar Parking Space

    Price: US$1 million

    Apparently having a fancy car isn’t status symbol enough, not without a swanky parking spot to go with it.  In New York, there are 10 parking spaces available at the new condo developments on 42 Crosby St, each costing a million apiece.



    Source: NY Times



    A Bird Feather 

    Price: US$10,000

    This is the only known feather from the extinct Huia Bird – and was sold to an anonymous bird-crazy buyer for 10 grand!






    Diamond-Studded Chess Set 

    Price: $600,000

    Feel like a king when you play with the ‘Royal Diamond Chess’. This hand-made luxury chess set is made in 14-carat white gold, with 9900 black and white diamonds! Designed by Bernard Maquin, it took 30 artisans over 4500 hours to make this extremely expensive game!





    Would you buy any of these insanely expensive items? What is the first thing you would buy after winning the jackpot? Let us know in the comments below! 

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