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    German Lotto 6aus49 : Your Ultimate Guide

    German Lotto or Lotto 6Aus49 as it is commonly called is Germany’s most popular lottery.

    With a record jackpot high of 45.38 million, 9 lucrative prize categories and great overall odds of 1 in 31, there are a number of excellent reasons as to what makes this lottery so popular!


    German Lotto 6Aus49 | Quick Facts

    Here are the most important facts to keep in mind about Germany’s lottery!

    • German Lotto is also called Lotto 6Aus9
    • Record jackpot for this German lottery is a solid €45.38 million
    • Annually, Lotto 6aus49 pays out an estimated €2 billion in prizes!
    • German Lotto has 9 lucrative prize categories
    • To play, pick 6 numbers from a field of 1-49 and 1 Superball from a field of 1-9
    • Your overall chances of winning a prize are 1 in 31.
    • Draws take place twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday
    • Germany’s Lotto 6Aus49 awards all its winnings in a lump sum and are tax-free in Germany.


    German Lotto 6Aus49 | Game Rules

    This German lottery is extremely straightforward to understand and even easier to play.

    It follows the 6/49 format. This means lottery players choose 6 numbers from a number field of 1 – 49 as well as bonus number or ‘Superzahl’ number from a number field of 1-9.

    Germany’s Lotto 6Aus49 is drawn twice a week, every Wednesday at 18:25 CET  and Saturday at 19:25 CET.


    German Lotto 6Aus49 | Game Change 2013

    This popular German lottery gained more popularity after the changes to its game format back in 2013.

    The changes affected the bonus number and changed up the secondary prize tiers.

    As a result, the overall odds of winning this lottery improved – increasing your chances of winning by 74%


    German Lotto 6Aus49 | Rollover Cap

    While there is no jackpot cap for this German lottery, it does have a rollover limit.

    If there are no jackpot winners after 13 consecutive rollovers, the jackpot is awarded to the 2nd prize tier winners. If there are no winners in that prize categories, the jackpot prize is distributed to the next prize tier winners. So in a way, it is possible for even a 9th place winner to hit the jackpot – although this is very unlikely.

    On May 14, 2016, a 2nd prize tier winner ended up winning the €37 million jackpot for the first time, thanks to this rollover limit! Another happy win took place right after on September 14, 2016 where a 2nd prize tier winner won the €33 million jackpot!


    German Lotto 6Aus49 | Odds Table

    Germany’s Lotto 6aus49 pays out an estimated €2 billion in prizes! Here’s the breakdown of odds and prize tiers.




    German Lotto 6Aus49 | History

    This German lottery can be traced all the way back to 1955 when 4 German states partnered to manage this popular lotto.

    Eventually, other German states joined and formed the Deutscher Lotto- und Totoblock (DLTB) in 1974, a partnership of 16 individual lotteries known as Lotteriegesellschaften. DLTB is also known for its philanthropic efforts and has distributed over €23.5 billion to regional beneficiaries!

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