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Welcome to El Fordwich, English Home of El Niño!

If you’ve recently been to Fordwich, officially the UK’s smallest town, you’d be forgiven for wondering if you were lost. That’s because El Niño and El Gordo fever has taken over this tiny community!

A group of residents from Fordwich are hoping to win big this holiday season as they take their chances on two of the world’s biggest lottery games – Spain’s El Gordo and El Nino.

To celebrate their participation in two of the world’s biggest lottery events, Fordwich has transformed itself into a seaside Spanish town!

Located in East Kent, El Fordwich is more reminiscent of the Balearic coastline, and boasts some serious Spanish flair.

Here are a few photos capturing the fun in El Fordwich:

Flamenco Dancing

Flamenco dance lessons for everyone at townhall!

Street Signs

Even the street names were changed for a Spanish fair!


Jose & Dragon Pub

Outside the newly named ‘Jose and the Dragon’ pub, with a brand new Spanish-inspired menu!

The 69 participating residents have already won €900 in their El Gordo lottery syndicate – and now are pinning their hopes on the upcoming El Niño draw for that earth-shattering win!

El Niño is one of the world’s biggest one-day lotteries, and has 38,000 prizes to be won, including 45 prizes of €2 million each. And it’s only a couple of days away!



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