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Irish Lotto Jackpot Hits a Rare Milestone

It’s been two years since the Irish Lotto jackpot has soared into eight figures. And yet here we are again.

Saturday’s Irish Lotto jackpot is estimated at €10 million.

It’s taken us 18 jackpot rollovers to get here. Believe it or not, the Irish Lotto jackpot has not been won since before Christmas.

Will this be the draw it finally happens? The luck of the Irish is in the air after all.

We are hitting this milestone on the same week a lucky Irish family syndicate won the country’s biggest ever lottery jackpot. The family won the €175 million in Tuesday’s Euromillions draw.

Since its launch in 1988, only 20 Irish Lotto Jackpots of over €10 million have been awarded. The last time a player won a jackpot worth more than €10 million was in March 2017 when a small family syndicate won €12,849,224 on a ticket bought in Dublin. 

Play the Irish Lotto today

You don’t have to be in Ireland presently to play for this historic jackpot. International lottery enthusiasts can play the Irish Lotto online from the convenience of their mobile phone, computer or tablet.

The Irish Lotto has long been a favourite of mine because of its extremely attractive jackpot odds. There are only 47 numbers to choose from!

With a €10 million jackpot, there is no better time than the present to dive in.

Try out your “Irish Luck” today.



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