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Level 3 Big Jackpot Alert with €160 Million Up For Grabs!

Big Jackpot Alert levels

With a huge jackpot of €160 million, EuroMillions has bumped up to a Level 3 Big Jackpot Alert! Numbers like this are rarely seen with this lottery, so make sure you play today to be in with a chance of winning.

Not only is EuroMillions showing up on the Big Jackpot Alerts, but there are 3 others (yes, 3!) that are sitting at Level 1. Oz Lotto kicks us off with its AUD $20 million prize fund, followed by American Powerball and American Mega Millions with their life-changing jackpots of $225 million and $256 million respectively. Just think about what you could do with just a portion of that!

2022-09-15 Big Jackpot Alerts

Big Jackpot alert levels use an algorithm to work out how big the jackpot is in comparison to historical data.



Jackpot league tables

A rarity here, but this week’s Jackpot League Table has zero movements whatsoever from last week! The jackpots just keep rolling over and getting bigger, so there’s no better time to play.

Leading the charge is American Mega Millions with its $256 million jackpot, closely followed by American Powerball which broke the $200 million mark and is currently sitting at $225 million. 3rd place is taken by EuroMillions – a top 3 that rarely changes!

The Oz Lotto sits in 4th place with a jackpot of AUD $20 million, followed by the Irish Lotto at €6.8 million. The bottom of the table is held by Australian Lotto 6/45 and French Lotto which have jackpots of AUD $5 million and €2 million respectively.

2022-09-15 Jackpot League Table


Lottery news

2022-09-15 Lottery News-1


A woman from Missouri says she was just “minutes away” from throwing a $1 million lottery ticket in the bin after it sat idle in her car for two days. But luckily, she decided to check her numbers before she discarded the ticket.

After scanning it, she was astonished to discover that she had won the second-top prize worth $1 million! Another reason to make sure to check your lottery tickets! 

In other news…

A lottery winner from Virginia recently tried to claim a $600 prize on a scratch-off game, only to find out that he had actually won $1 million! What a shock that must have been!



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