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EuroMillions Reaches a Level 1 Big Jackpot Alert Alongside French Lotto!

Big Jackpot Alert levels

We saw multiple rollovers this week, but a win on Australian Lotto 6/45 means that it is no longer on our Big Jackpot Alerts.

But, never fear! In its place are not one, but two Level 1 Big Jackpot alerts. Both the EuroMillions and French Lotto have shot up this week with jackpots of €77 million and €10 million respectively. If there was any time to play, it would be now!


2022-08-18 - Big Jackpot Alert

Big Jackpot alert levels use an algorithm to work out how big the jackpot is in comparison to historical data.


Jackpot league tables

There have been wins and there have been rollovers and those are finally giving us some movement in the Jackpot League Table. That being said, American Mega Millions sits pretty in the top spot with its jackpot prize fund just a touch under $100 million.

2nd and 3rd spot have switched places, with EuroMillions pushed down as American Powerball rises up. 

After a win on Australian Lotto 6/45 it shoots down to 6th place, allowing French Lotto and Oz Lotto to move up the table. Finally, the Irish Lotto with its €3.5 million jackpot sits at the bottom of the table after not moving this week.


2022-08-18 - Jackpot League Table


Lottery news

2022-08-18 Lottery News-1

A lottery winner has had a serious stroke of beginner’s luck after landing the jackpot with his first-ever ticket. A chance purchase of a ticket led him to a $1 million prize!

In other news…

A couple that thought they had won $360 on the lottery had missed off a couple of zeros and had actually won $360,000! What a treat!



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