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Australian Lotto 6/45 Moves Up To A Level 2 Big Jackpot Alert! Don’t Miss Out!

Big Jackpot Alert levels

There were rollovers in every lottery this week, and that pushes Australian Lotto 6/45 up to a Level 2 Big Jackpot Alert. The AUD $20 million jackpot is up for grabs so make sure you get your ticket before Saturday’s draw!

Though there are no other Big Jackpot Alerts this week, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any amazing prize funds up for grabs. Take a look at the Jackpot League Table below to choose your favourite lotteries to play over the next few days and make sure to check back next week to see which have rolled over again! You never know, there might be another Big Jackpot Alert to find out about!

2022-08-11 Big Jackpot Alert


Big Jackpot alert levels use an algorithm to work out how big the jackpot is in comparison to historical data.


Jackpot league tables

Can you believe that there have been zero changes in this week’s Jackpot League Table? But don’t see it as a bad thing! That simply means that each and every lottery has experienced a rollover this week, meaning bigger and better jackpots are up for grabs!

The top of the table features American Mega MillionsEuroMillions and American Powerball with jackpots of $65 million, €54 million and $48 million respectively. This is closely followed by Australian Lotto 6/45

The bottom of the Jackpot League Table starts with French Lotto followed by Oz Lotto and finally the Irish Lotto with its €2.8 million jackpot. All you have to do is decide which lotteries you’re going to play this week!

2022-08-11 Jackpot League Table


Lottery news

2022-08-11 Lottery News Image-1

A lucky someone in Alberta, Canada, has woken up CAD $13 million richer this week. A winning ticket was drawn for Tuesday’s Lotto Max jackpot in the Prairie province, but since then, no-one has come forward. 

In other news…

Check your Mega Millions lottery tickets!

On July 29, one very lucky person hit the American Mega Millions jackpot winning $1.337 billion. This colossal win was the second biggest jackpot in Mega Millions history! Let’s see if someone comes forward soon.



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