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Join a German Lotto super syndicate to boost your chances!

Super Syndicate Jackpot Odds:


Regular Jackpot Odds:


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Boost Your Chances to Win

with German Lotto!

Regular Chances

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Super Syndicate Chances

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  • With a single bet, you bet on the outcome of up to 20 lines, and keep all winnings for yourself!
Single Bet  Single Bet Classic Lotto Betting Options
  • Join a syndicate and get better odds by owning shares of a large block of tickets. Winnings are split according to the number of shares!
Syndicate Bet  Syndicate Bet Play in a Group!

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Time Until Draw Closes:

01 Day(s) 21: 30: 42


Syndicate Bet

Super Syndicate
132 Lines
Approx. £0.09
per line
49 shares per syndicate
46 shares available
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