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When William Potter was part of a syndicate that shared a Spanish Lotto jackpot of €2.9 million using our services, he would never have believed that, less than one month later, he'd win a massive jackpot worth approximately €17.4 million all to himself.

After deciding to reinvest some of his earlier winnings in the same national lottery, the retired builder was completely gobsmacked after receiving a call from a service representative to inform him of his latest win.

"I'm utterly speechless," said Potter, who hails from Devon. "I just can't believe it. Seventeen-million euros – what can you say?"

He attributes his success not only to good luck, but also to the special-play strategies available using our services. Potter appreciates the invaluable assistance he received from our service representatives in the collecting of his prize money, converting it from euros to British pounds and transferring the funds to his local UK bank account.

The Elvis Presley fan now intends to enjoy his financial freedom by helping others, including setting up a fund for sick children and a charity to care for stray animals.

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Spanish Lotto Winner

Mr J.C. Won €23,862

When a syndicate offered by our services hit the jackpot on the Spanish Lotto, one lucky recipient was Mr J.C., who won €23,862. Mr J.C., who lives in England, is a proud customer of our services and plans to renovate his home and take a well-earned holiday.
An ecstatic winner, he was just as pleased with the customer support he received from our service representatives as he was with the prize he took home! “I am delighted to be among the winners in the Spanish Lottery syndicate and wish to praise my agent and your representatives for their support and efficiency.”
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French Lottoicon

French Lotto Winner

Mr M.N. Won €8,626

A regular user of our services, Mr M.N. is sure to be celebrating with some fine wines after scooping more than €8,600 from the French Lotto.
The lottery-loving Englishman was “surprised and overjoyed” with his big win on France’s national lottery. When asked of his plans he said that he’ll be taking care of his family – there’s a wedding in the works and 15 grandchildren to treat to something special! “The service is very good and always very helpful,” the happy winner said of our services, adding that he would definitely recommend them to a friend. He plans to continue playing using our services, keeping his fingers crossed for an ever bigger win. We wish him all the best!
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EuroMillions Winner

Mr Z.M. Won €514,292

In only his third draw using our services, Mr Z.M. won an astonishing €514,292 on EuroMillions. He struck gold with the stunning second prize by matching five main winning numbers plus one “lucky star” number on the continent’s biggest lottery.
With this tremendous win on just his second order, Mr Z.M. joins the growing band of customers who win big within a few weeks of signing up to our unique service. He now plans to visit his family in Serbia and – after declaring himself “very happy” with his win and our “very professional” services – he will keep playing EuroMillions and national lotteries with us!
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German Lottoicon

German Lotto Winner

Mr K.S. Won €10,843

Australian local Mr K.S. was sweating in anticipation when the good news came rolling in.
He struck five numbers in the German Lotto using our services to claim €10,843. “It is a wonderful feeling to win anything,” the modest K.S. exhaled. We’re sure that the lucky Aussie will be throwing a few shrimp on the barbie to celebrate with friends and family after receiving his winnings via our services.
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Irish Lottoicon

Irish Lotto Winner

Mr D.R. Won €12,000

An English customer using our services found his own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, with a big win of €12,000 on the Irish Lotto.
Mr D.R. had previously won £10 in his national games and was looking for a big win. Now, thanks to the Irish Lotto options offered by our services, he is planning a “little luxury” in his life. “Absolutely surprised, very pleased with everything,” he remarked. “Nothing had ever happened to me before. Many, many thanks.” We are pleased he chose the Irish Lotto and we’re always glad when those who use our services come up trumps!
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Spanish El Gordoicon

Spanish El Gordo Winner

Mrs J.M. Won €10,000

Entering the world’s biggest lottery game, the Spanish El Gordo, paid off for Mrs J.M., a customer who walked away with €10,000 in the draw using our services.
“When I heard that I had won I was absolutely amazed,” says the lucky lady, a regular user of our services. “It’s something that doesn’t happen to normal people.” Mrs J.M. is thinking of investing her winnings in a new car and has pledged to sponsor a child in Paraguay, as she is passionate about helping those less fortunate than herself!
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Spanish Summer Gordoicon

Spanish Summer Gordo Winner

Mrs M.H. Won €12,200

When Mrs M.H. decided to try her hand at the Spanish Summer Gordo using our services, she had that winning feeling.
“I knew it was for a reason,” she recalled. Sure enough, she secured her share of the €1.9 million in total winnings taken home by customers who used our services in Spain’s annual Summer Gordo draw, which was one of the biggest prize pools ever for them from that event. Mrs M.H. praised our service's high-quality customer service and the speedy processing of her win, adding that she plans to use the money to travel. She will also keep playing through to access a wide variety of international lotteries, always hopeful that a jackpot win might come her way.
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British Lottoicon

British Lotto Winner

Mr S.M. Won £129

Mr S.M. was so pleased when he won £129 playing with a group on British Lotto, he chose to reinvest half of his winnings back through our services.
“I’m very happy to be among the winners,” he stated. For people in countries like Tanzania, where Mr S.M. lives, our services have allowed them to potentially win big prizes in national lotteries. Mr S.M. was very happy with our services and was glad to hear from us when we told him of his win. As he says, “I received good news from” We wish him many more fabulous wins indeed!
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