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Money raised by helps to build a better future is committed to helping make the world a better place. That's why part of the proceeds of your bets go towards various Good Causes and other charitable activies sponsored by lottery companies around the world!

Nearly every major lottery we feature at has a rich history of charitable activies. Click on the lottery in the list below to see more information about their history of good work!

good cause

Australian Lotto 6/45

Established in 1972, the Australian Lotto 6/45 was created for a noble cause: to raise funds for Australia's national healthcare system.

Today, this tradition of giving back continues through its donations to good causes.

good cause

British Lotto 6/59

Besides making thousands of millionaires since 1994, the British Lotto has also raised over 35 billion for life-changing projects all across the UK. Donations are distributed across several fields including health, education, enviroment, charitable causes, arts and sports.

good cause


Established in 2012, Eurojackpot has 16 participating European countries and is currently the largest pan-national lottery in Europe. With good causes being supported in each of these participating countries, millions of Europeans also benefit from generous donations made to sectors such as social welfare, public health and more!

good cause


First established in 2004, EuroMillions has been changing millions of lives across Europe through donations via each participating national lottery organization.

Funds are allocated towards different charitable categories, including health, education, environment and charitable causes, arts, sports and heritage.

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French Lotto 5/49

Established in 1976, the French Lotto has created over 8,000 millionaires and awards an average of 4 billion in prizes each year. It also has a history of charitable donations as Francaise des Jeux, the operator of Lotto and France's other national lottery games, donates heavily to the fields of athletics and sports. Not only are they the title sponsor of a national cycling team, they also partner with the National Olympics Committee and French Sports to support French Olympic athletes.

good cause

German Lotto 6/49

The origins of the German Lotto can be traced all the way back to 1955, when 4 German states partnered together to manage a draw. Eventually other states joined in to form the Deutscher Lotto- und Totoblock (DLTB) in 1974, a partnership of 16 individual lotteries known as Lotteriegesellschaften. DLTB is also known for its philanthropic efforts and has distributed over 23.5 billion to regional beneficiaries!

good cause

Irish Lotto 6/47

Like most European lotteries, Ireland's national lottery is heavily invested in good causes and to date, the Irish Lotto has raised over 4.5 billion for worthwhile projects and charities all across Ireland. Funds go towards multiple fields including Health & Welfare, Youth, Culture, National Heritage, Sports, Arts and more.

good cause

Spanish Lotto 6/49 La Primitiva

Although its current format dates back to 1985, La Primitiva is probably one of the oldest lotteries in Spain - and the world! Its origins can be traced back further to 1762, when King Carlos III wished to raise public funds without taxation. This Spanish Lotto also invests in good causes, with contributions to organizations such as the Spanish Red Cross and the Spanish Olympic Sports Association!

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