Never Miss Another Bet with Automatic Renewal!

With automatic renewal, you can subscribe to every draw in any one of the lotteries we have on offer! Here's the best part: once your automatic renewal subscription is set, you never have to fuss with placing your bets again!

Step 1.

Select the "Single Bet" option for your preferred lottery and select your numbers.

Step 2.

Click on the "Automatic Renewal" option and choose your renewal period. Your credit card* will be charged on a rolling basis at the beginning of each new period.

Step 3.

Add the wager to your cart and complete your purchase to initiate your automatic renewal period.

Ready to Get Started?

Try Automatic Renewal on One of Our Top Lotteries:

Time Left
time 004 Day(s) 19:22:23
Time Left
time 09:52:23
Time Left
time 002 Day(s) 22:22:23
*Automatic renewal requires a credit card.
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