3 International Jackpots with Great Odds!


Which International Lotteries Have Good Odds?

Everyone who bets on lotteries dreams of that moment – the life-changing moment when you realize you have hit upon the winning numbers. That you’ve won the jackpot!

While lottery is a game of chance and there’s no way of predicting when that moment will happen, you can definitely help yourself out by choosing a lottery that has better odds than the others.

Lotteries.com has rounded up the top three International lotteries you should bet on, to enjoy the highest chances of winning:


EuroJacpot Lottery Logo#3 – EUROJACKPOT

Europe’s transnational lottery, Eurojackpot is played across 16 countries and was designed to create more winners!


WHY: Eurojackpot was designed to allow more chances of winning, with its 13 lucrative prize categories. For a lottery of its size, it has some amazing overall odds at 1 in 35, and has substantially better jackpot odds than its counterpart, EuroMillions.


HOW TO BET: Pick 5 main numbers from a field of 1-50 and 2 bonus numbers from 1-10


HOW TO WIN: You must match 5 main numbers as well as the 2 bonus numbers for a chance to win the jackpot.


DRAW DAY: Every Friday



Irish National Lottery Logo#2 – IRISH LOTTO

Ireland’s national lottery, Irish Lotto 6/47, may be small but when it comes to the statistics, it can’t be beat!

WHY: Impressive overall odds of 1 in 29 mean your chances of winning a prize are higher, compared to other 6/49 lotteries. It is also 76% easier to win the Irish Lotto jackpot than the British Lotto, thanks to its smaller number pool.


HOW TO BET: Pick 6 numbers from a field of 1-47


HOW TO WIN: During the draw, 7 numbers are drawn from 1-47, the last number is a bonus ball. To win the jackpot, you just need to match the first 6 numbers.


DRAW DAYS: Every Tuesday and Saturday.



Australian Lotto 6/45 Logo#1 – AUSTRALIAN LOTTO 6/45

Australian Lotto 6/45 is Australia’s oldest lottery. It’s also known as the Saturday Night lotto and has a tremendous following of regular lotto players!


WHY: Australian Lotto 6/45 has some of the best jackpot odds at 1 in 8,145,060 – meaning it is one of the easier lottery jackpot to win. This is due to its smaller number pool, which makes it 42% easier to win the top prize than in other 6/49 lottos.


HOW TO BET: Pick 6 numbers from a field of 1-45. It’s as simple as that!


HOW TO WIN: During the draw, 8 numbers are drawn from 1-45, with the last two numbers acting as bonus balls. To win the jackpot, you just need to match the 6 main winning numbers.


DRAW DAY: Every Saturday


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