The Lottery You Should Play, Based on Your Favourite Sport

lottery based on your favourite sport

Your favourite sport can tell you which lottery you should try next…

If you’ve just discovered the world of lottery betting, the one thing you’ll notice that there are a LOT of choices.

Since lottery betting allows you to bet on the results of a lottery, you’re essentially able to play lotteries from all around the world – across America, Europe and Australia. 

It can be daunting deciding which lottery to try first – so why not let your favourite sport decide? Find out which lottery you should play, based on your favourite sport to play – or watch!




If you’re a football fan…

You never miss the UEFA Champions League. Between September and May, it’s impossible to drag you away from the telly. You can easily rattle off the strengths and weaknesses of almost every major European team. You’ve even got yourself a pub team.

US Powerball is the lottery for you. Just like football is one of the most popular sports in the world – in the lottery world, Powerball is king. It has the biggest jackpots – breaking all records last year with a US$1.56 BILLION jackpot. It’s also one of the most exciting lotteries to bet on, due to its frequent – and massive rollovers.

Bet on US Powerball


If you’re a golfer…

A perfect Sunday for you isn’t complete without a tee-off. Your dream is to play at Pebble Beach Golf Links one day.  You don’t just watch the Masters and the US open, but also the British Open, The Players Championship and occasionally the Wells Fargo Championship. You realize golf is not everyone’s cup of tea – but you’re okay with that because you know that it’s a game that requires skill, precision and patience.

Australian Lotto 6/45 the lottery game for you. Much like your favourite sport, this lotto is often overshadowed by others with bigger jackpots in the lottery betting world. However, while it may have smaller jackpots, it also has some of the lowest odds you’ll find. This means that the chances of being a jackpot winner playing this lottery are extremely good, compared to other lotteries with a similar format!

 Bet on Australian Lotto 6/45


If you’re a rugby supporter…

You know the difference between rugby union and rugby league. You enjoy the grit of the game and the pre-match singalongs. You’ve got a go-to pub where you watch the Six Nations Championships and the Rugby World Cup, of course.

Make your go-to lottery EuroMillions. Like your favourite sport, EuroMillions is extremely popular in Europe as one of the largest transnational lottery. It offers huge jackpots frequently, with a handful of Superdraw events throughout the year, where the jackpot goes up all the way to €100 million or more!

Bet on EuroMillions



If you’re a hockey fan…

To you, the excitement of watching ice hockey is second to none. The fast paced game is so chaotic with non-stop action and often explosive hits –you love it. You’ve got a favourite team, of course, and you never miss the NHL or Champions Hockey League.

Hockey fans should give Canadian Lotto 6/49 a try. This lottery is one of Canada’s finest – with jackpots often reaching up into CDN$64 Million. It also has fantastic overall odds of 1 in 6. You pick 7 numbers, but only have to match 6 to win big!

Bet on Canadian Lotto 6/49



If you’re a horse racing fan…

You enjoy the thrill of watching – and betting – on the races. You know the difference between flat races and jump races – and have a favourite. You’re always down to watch the big classic races like 2,000 Guineas Stakes, Epsom Derby and Cheltenham Gold Cup. You’ve placed numerous wagers and follow the stats.

Irish Lotto is the lottery for you. Just like horse racing & betting, this lottery is all about the stats. It’s one of the most statistically superior European lotteries out there. It has great overall odds in 1 in 29, and it is 76% easier to win the jackpot in the Irish lotto than its British counterpart, the UK National lottery!

 Bet on Irish Lotto 

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