Should I Play the Same Lottery Numbers Every Draw?

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Consistent Play Can Yield More Lottery Wins

How do you decide which lottery numbers you are going to pick when you select your play?

It’s an extremely inexact science. And truly, no lottery expert, seer or preacher has the insight to tell you which numbers will be drawn in the future with any degree of certainty. And that is actually a good thing! The fact that lottery is a purely random unpredictable game makes it a level playing field for everybody who participates.

If every possible set of numbers has an equal opportunity to be drawn as the big winner, it shouldn’t matter which numbers we play. Or should it?

Picking which lottery numbers to play is a part of the lottery experience that I don’t want to needlessly miss out on. This is why I avoid playing Lucky Dips.

My lottery play becomes more of a personal experience because I pick my own numbers. When my big wins do eventually come in, I will like feel like I owned the process.

Playing consistently every draw ensures I have an opportunity to win every time a jackpot is up for grabs.

Playing the Same Lottery Numbers Every Draw

For over a decade as a young man, I played the same set of numbers without fail twice a week in my local lottery.

The numbers I played for all of those years came to me in a dream when I was about 20 years old. I dreamed the winning numbers were being announced for my local lottery and I made a point of remembering them. I wrote the numbers down on a piece of paper next to my bed upon waking up.

“Perhaps I have been given a vision,” I thought. “I need to start playing these numbers”

For the first few weeks I carried the scrap of paper from beside my bed with me to help remember which numbers to play. Within 5 or 6 draws they were etched in my mind. I grew attached to them.

I became comfortable with having a consistent play. When viewing lottery results, I didn’t have to dig my ticket out to see if I won because the numbers were committed to memory.

My local lottery had an “advance play” selling feature that allowed me to play multiple draws at a time. By using this feature, I didn’t have to worry about missing a draw.

I did enjoy the connection I shared with those numbers over the years. They became a part of me. Having my own personal set sure made checking for winners a whole lot more entertaining.

As it turned out, the numbers in my dream were not jackpot winners. I did win some smaller prizes during the time of my play. Eventually I moved on and modified my play strategy.

A common lottery myth states that “If I play the same numbers long enough, they will eventually win.” This may be true during an infinite long term. But as a short term strategy there are definitely flaws to this line of thinking.

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Winner’s Story

Things turned out quite a bit differently for Robert Bailey of New York. We told you about him last week on the blog. The 67 year old won over US$343 Million dollars on US Powerball.

He had been playing the same numbers consistently in various lotteries for 25 years. Eventually his ship sailed in.

During the press conference where he was announced as the big winner, Bailey told the story of how many years ago he had asked a family member to give him lottery numbers to play.

Imagine the feeling of seeing the numbers you had played for over two decades come up as the set of official winning numbers.

“Shocked” and “happy” were the words that Bailey used.

Statistically speaking, one can expect that a specific set of numbers will be drawn roughly once every 2.8 million years in US Powerball. Though it wasn’t a particularly mathematically sound one, Bailey’s strategy sure worked out for him!

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Try This

If you haven’t tried playing the same numbers for multiple draws, why not give it a go? Once you’ve made the decision, the next job is to decide which numbers to play.

It’s very possible that there are no numbers in your life that stand out as being lucky or significant. Here is an exercise I encountered many years ago to get started. You might find it useful.

Go to your local newsagent and grab a small handful of lotto selection slips to take home. During a moment when you’ve cleared your mind of any distractions, start filling out boards on the slips as quickly as you can without giving any thought to the numbers you are shading in. Choose using instinct alone.

Once you’ve filled in 15-20 boards, take a look at the composition of the boards you’ve selected. Are there numbers that you selected many times? Are there numbers you avoided completely?

Use these findings as a gauge to see if there are certain numbers you connect with or repelled from.

You may find that you’ve subconsciously chosen numbers related to events in your life. You may not.

Compile the numbers you’ve used most often and write them down.

Now try playing the numbers consistently for a month or two. There are of course no guarantees that you come out of this as a winner. But you may find that you find the flutter that comes with playing your own numbers to be more enjoyable. It can be a great feeling.


  • Playing the same numbers every draw can be more entertaining and engaging than playing Lucky Dips.
  • Play your lottery numbers for a season or for a lifetime – it’s up to you.
  • Take advantage of the convenient option to selecting multiple draws within your play. Don’t be left out in the cold by missing a draw.
  • Find numbers that you connect with to create your own luck.
  • Pick a game that suits your style of play best. Take advantage of the massive selection of games found at

Please let us know how it goes. We’d love to hear from you.

Here is hoping to see you in the winner’s circle soon!


Kevin Wins
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