Which lottery game has the best odds of winning?

odds of winning

Find out which lotteries give you the best chances of winning a bet!

You’ve probably heard that the chances of winning the lottery are extremely low. That lotto odds are always stacked against the player.

However, that’s where lottery betting comes in.

When you have access to the world’s lottery jackpots, it becomes easier to weigh lotto odds and determine which lotto is right for you. You can also figure out which lotteries have better secondary prizes. While it’s not advertised as much, secondary prize winners often take home a substantial amount.

While there’s no denying that it is not easy to win the top jackpot, but there ARE games out there that have better lotto odds than your home lottery.

Why not try some?



The Major Lottery Games Worldwide 

Here are the top lottery games across the world, along with their record jackpot highs:

Powerball – US$1.6 billion

Mega Millions – US$656 million

EuroMillions – €190 million

Eurojackpot – €90 million

UK Lotto – £161.6 million

Oz Lotto – A$112 million

Australian Powerball – A$80 million

Spanish Lotto – €101.7 million

Canadian Lotto – CAD$64 million

Australian Lotto 6/45 – A$33 million

French Lotto – €24 million

Irish Lotto – €18 million

German Lotto – €45.4 million



Best Odds of Winning the Jackpot

If you dream of walking home with a jackpot-sized prize someday, consider looking at jackpot odds when you’re deciding which lottery games to bet on.


Australian Lotto 6/45     1: 8,145,060

Australian Powerball     1: 8,145,060

Irish Lotto           1: 10,737,573

Canadian Lotto   1:13,983,816

French Lotto       1: 19,068,840

UK Lotto              1: 45,057,474

Oz Lotto               1: 45,379,620

Eurojackpot        1: 95,344,200

EuroMillions      1: 139,838,160

Spanish Lotto     1:  139,838,160

German Lotto   1: 139,838,160

US Powerball    1: 292,201,338

MegaMillions   1: 302,575,350


As you can see, Australian Lotto 6/45 has some of the best chances of winning a jackpot, although the jackpot amounts are usually smaller when compared to a lottery giant like US Powerball, whose jackpots are generally always above US$100 million!  


Lottery Games with Amazing Secondary Prizes

While most of the attention in the lottery world is always on the jackpot top prize, don’t rule out the secondary prizes. A lot of lotteries have amazing second or third tier prizes that pretty life-changing themselves!

US Mega Millions

2nd prize US$ 1 Million

(Match 5 main numbers)


3rd prize US$ 10,000

(Match 5 main numbers + Bonus number)


US Powerball

2nd prize  US$ 1 Million

(Match 5 main numbers)


3rd prizeUS$50,000         

 (Match 5 main numbers + Bonus number)



Special Lottery Case: Spanish Christmas Lottery, El Gordo

El Gordo (Spain’s annual Christmas lottery event) technically works more like a raffle. It’s known world-round because of its incredible statistics! Take a look:

odds of winning

Plus, when you start to compare El Gordo with the other lotteries out there, you’ll realize that statistically, El Gordo has them all beat. For instance, it is 450 times easier to win the top prize in El Gordo than the British Lotto 6/59. Not to mention, players are 7493 times more likely to win a prize vs. 6/59 lotteries! So why not give it a try?

Must be 18+ to play. T&Cs apply. Please gamble responsibly.

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