NUMBER 35 – Unluckiest Number Ever……..?

Number 35


The sad life of a forgotten number in American Powerball

Most lottery stories we read (especially on this blog!) are happy ones.

An unexpected windfall instantly changing the life of a big winner is a heartwarming story to tell and to read about.

Today’s story is a sad one.

It’s about American Powerball.

More specifically, it is about the lottery ball NUMBER 35 in American Powerball.

For over 100 consecutive American Powerball draws and counting… NUMBER 35 has never been among the winning numbers selected.

“Big deal” you say?

Let me try to change your mind.

By the end of this, we may have found one of the keys to unlocking your own big American Powerball win!


February 8, 2018 was the last date NUMBER 35 was chosen as a winning number in American Powerball

Since February 8, 2018:

  • SEVEN American Powerball Jackpots have been won ranging from $55.9 million last March all the way up to $687.8 million this past October.
  • The sum total of these jackpots is over $2.7 BILLION!
  • American Powerball has awarded 175+ Prizes of One Million Dollars or more.
  • EVERY other main number between 1 and 69 has been drawn AT LEAST 3 TIMES.

It’s been 100+ draws to date.

When it comes to making millionaires, NUMBER 35 has been a kiss of death to every single American Powerball ticket it has appeared on for this entire period.

How long can this go on?


Facts are Facts

In American Powerball, 5 numbers are selected from a main pool of 69 numbers. This means that every individual number has a 5 in 69 chance of being selected as a winning number in any given draw.

To put it another way…

There is a 7.25% chance that any given number will be selected as a winner in the next Powerball draw. The odds of any given number being selected as a winner in the next Powerball draw is 1 in 13.8.

On AVERAGE, every number between 1 and 69 will appear in the set of winning numbers approximately once every 13.8 draws (ie. Every 7 weeks or so)

Does this mean that all 69 numbers have been chosen as a winner in exactly 7.25% of the draws that have taken place to date? Absolutely not. Random occurrences are called random for a reason. There is no uniformity to lottery results.

But facts are facts:

From a purely mathematical point of view, the odds of any given number within the main pool going 100 draws without being selected is OVER 3 MILLION to 1.

This is more than a case of a lotto number running a little bit cold.

In American Powerball, NUMBER 35 is MONUMENTALLY FROZEN.


The Coin Flip Question

There is a classic problem in the field of statistics that asks the following question…

If I flip a coin 10 times in a row and it comes up HEADS every time…
What do YOU think will come up the 11th coin flip?
Are you calling HEADS or TAILS?

Is the next flip more likely to be HEADS?

HEADS is running quite hot at the moment after all. If HEADS has come up 10 times – Why not 11? It has to be HEADS again. I’m picking HEADS until the coin gives me a reason not to!

Is it more likely to be TAILS?

This coin is on an improbable run. The very nature random events is that results be erratic rather than in a uniform pattern. TAILS is bound to come up. Tails IS due! I’m picking TAILS every time until it comes up!

Do you have a strong opinion one way or the other?

A mathematician would tell you the next flip has a probability of exactly 50% to land on HEADS and 50% to land on TAILS. A coin has no memory of previous results after all.

I’ll be honest. The mathematician is technically correct. But I’ll be damned if I’m not choosing TAILS on that 11th coin flip.

And I’ll be damned if I’m not playing the NUMBER 35 on every American Powerball ticket I purchase until it is drawn.


What does this all mean?

The takeaway from all of this is really up to you.

Does any of this change how you will select your numbers on American Powerball?

Are you staying away from the sad NUMBER 35 when you play American Powerball? It has been a kiss of death after all.

Maybe you are going to go with a QuickPick and run with whatever numbers you are given regardless of whether or not NUMBER 35 is among them. The mathematicians ARE correct when they say every number has an exactly equal shot of being chosen. Why not let fate decide?

OR, maybe you are like me who thinks the drought that NUMBER 35 is going through is TOO MUCH of a statistical anomaly to be ignored. Remember, the odds of any given number within the main pool going 100 draws without being selected is OVER 3 MILLION to 1.

I just can’t see this going on for that much longer. Like I said earlier – I’m including NUMBER 35 on ALL of my American Powerball Selections until the current jackpot is won!

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Will you join me in selecting NUMBER 35 in American Powerball?

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Will the NUMBER 35 be our key to winning? Fingers crossed!

Good Luck everybody!



Kevin Wins
Lottery Strategist and Enthusiast Blog Senior Writer

The opinions expressed here are those of the author

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