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Massive US Powerball Jackpot Alert

The big American lotteries have been attracting an inordinate amount of worldwide attention this week. Both the Mega Millions jackpot and the Powerball Jackpot have been rolling over without a winner during the recent weeks and months, sparking a ticket buying frenzy.

A Mega Millions jackpot winning ticket was sold earlier in the week in South Carolina to the tune of $1.5 Billion. With that jackpot taken off the table, attention is now squarely focused on the Powerball draw.

$750 Million is the fourth largest lottery jackpot in US history. The Powerball jackpot was last won on August 11 in New York state. Twenty drawings without a winner have passed since.

Powerball selects its winning numbers every Wednesday and Saturday in a televised draw. Five numbers will be chosen from a pool of numbers between one and sixty nine. A sixth number is selected from a separate pool of numbers between one and twenty six – this number is known as the Powerball.

To win the Jackpot, a player must match all six winning numbers. 

USA residents from 44 different states plus the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands are able to buy tickets at their local lottery retailer.



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