A Lotto Winner’s Guide to Attending the Biggest Football Tournament in the World

Russia is alive with football excitement – Already we’ve seen many surprises, dramatic upsets and a lot of fantastic strikes.

The tournament itself is the most widely viewed sporting event in the world and it is expected that over one billion people will watch this year’s final match on television. A much more exclusive group of 81,000 people will be in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium.

Russia as a travel destination is becoming more and more compelling by the day. We want to go and see it all in person!

Given the grandeur and spectacle of such a massive event, the cost of attending in person from abroad is more than the average fan can afford.

But with the right numbers and a little bit of Lotto Luck at Lotteries.com, perhaps this once in a lifetime trip is one a newly minted Lottery Millionaire might take just to be in the middle of all the football action in person.

Here are some ideas of what it would take to live out that dream!

photo credit: mirror.co.uk

photo credit: mirror.co.uk

Tickets to the Match

Tickets for the Final Match have long been sold out through official channels. Right now the only available option to purchase tickets is through re-sellers. Just to get into the back reaches of the stadium, you’d be looking at having to spend approx. £2500/ticket. Of course, with money not being an object, perhaps a pair of seats at midfield for a cool £10,000/ticket seems more apropos.

photo: Matryoshka Facebook Page

photo: Matryoshka Facebook Page


Moscow is a world class city and has an incredible selection of dining options for all budgets and tastes. For our dream trip in Russia, Lotteries.com is recommending Restaurant Matryoshka. The decor is beautiful, the food is delicious and the staff is warm and welcoming. The servers speak English too!

photo: lookrussia.ru

photo: lookrussia.ru


Surprisingly, there are a number of hotels that can be booked in Moscow on the weekend of the final for less than 100 quid per night. To make this a dream getaway though, you are going to want to be closer to the center of the city and in a hotel synonymous with luxury. Book quickly once that jackpot comes in! Virtually all of these rooms are sold out– and the remaining inventory of rooms that meet this criteria is going to cost in the neighborhood of £1000/night.

photo: i-rsi.ru

photo: i-rsi.ru


Flying in and out of Moscow from London (for example) over the weekend of the championship final can be done for as little as £200 round trip. You are going to want to fly Business Class though (remember money is no object) and this can still be done for a very reasonable £800 or so per person for a return flight. Not bad!

Regardless of where you are from or which nation you are cheering for, it’s exciting to think that the big football tournament is on right now after a four year wait.

At Lotteries.com, our desire is to see people making their dreams come true. Imagine how freeing it would be to be able to make extravagant last minute plans for a getaway to Moscow.

It could happen to you.

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Good luck and hope to see you at the Stadium!



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