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How To Win At Romance: Foolproof Valentine’s Day Idea’s

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve left your Valentine’s Day plans until the last moment! Well, fear not: we’re going to help you look like an absolute star with these Lotteries.com-approved ideas for Valentine’s Day!

So read on if you want to impress that special someone in your life! First up: how to impress a lady. (For how to impress a guy, skip to the next section!)

Special Valentine’s Ideas for Him:

Idea #1: Feed Him!

Ladies (or gents!), they say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So why not treat him to a meal he won’t forget – nothing screams “romance” more than an unforgettable wine-and-dine!

Here’s how you can make this a gift he’ll remember forever. Pick a nice restaurant, one that neither of you have tried before. If possible, find somewhere that might be a little outside your comfort zone.

Read a few online reviews to make sure the place is quality, and treat him to a new dish! Treat the date as an adventure – if the food is a hit, your gamble has paid off.

And if the food is a dud, it’ll make for a great story you can both laugh about later!

Romance Factor: 5 Roses out of 5

How To Win At Romance: Foolproof Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Idea #2: Clothe Him!

Another idea for Valentine’s Day, another cliché: clothes make the man! Whether his normal look is straight out of GQ or straight out of bed, you can really rock his world with some nice apparel!

For the dapper fellow, why not try an online shop? Try a store like Frank & Oak – just supply his measurements and they’ll ship a new wardrobe to him!

And if your true love is of the couch-inhabiting variety, pick him up a vintage football jersey! Trust us, no man can resist the appeal of the classy throw-back.

Romance Factor: 4.5 Roses out of 5

Special Valentine’s Ideas for Her:

Idea #3: Pamper Her!

Guys (or gals!), I’m only going to say this once: you better get it right!

There’s not a woman alive who doesn’t love being pampered a little. So here’s what you do: buy a spa package for two. Seems straightforward, right? Well here’s the romantic twist: that other pass … is for you!

I know what you’re thinking. And no, you don’t have to get your toenails painted if you don’t want to. But seriously, don the fluffy robe and join her in a relaxing afternoon at the spa.

You’ll feel great, have fun, and she’ll love that you stepped outside your comfort zone to treat her right.

(And don’t worry, we won’t tell your mates. You’re secret’s safe with us!)

Romance Factor: 4.5 Roses out of 5  

How To Win At Romance: Foolproof Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Idea #2: Bling Never Fails!

Marilyn Monroe said it best: diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

Fellas, this one’s a no brainer: buy her something shiny, and she’ll swoon … guaranteed! This is hands-down the most foolproof gift idea in the history of mankind.

And you don’t have to buy diamonds, even. One option that always wins is a Pandora bracelet. These simple charm bracelets have almost endless options, meaning you can find a charm for almost any theme!

So use a little creativity and get her a charm full of meaning between the two of you. She’ll love it. Trust me.

Romance factor: 5 Roses out of 5

Remember, the more thought you put into a gift, the better it is … no matter the price!

Of course, your ideas for Valentine’s Day could be a lot more ambitious if you won the lottery! That’s what we’re here for: helping you strike it rich! And with American Powerball rolling like mad right now, you might be shopping on a millionaire’s budget soon!



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