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Australian Saturday Superdraws: Tips to Help You Win!

Australian Saturday Superdraws fall among Australia’s most anticipated lottery events

Saturday Superdraws are pre-scheduled Australian Lotto 6/45 jackpot events that happen several times a year. There is always a new one just around the corner!

The reason Australian Superdraws are so popular is due to inflated special jackpots, usually around A$20 million, and sometimes even more.

It’s thought to be one of the easiest Superdraw jackpots to win in the lottery world! Here’s what you need to know about improving those winning chances:


Australian Saturday Superdraw: How to Play 

Australian Superdraws have a simple game structure.

To play, select 6 numbers between 1- 45.

During the official draw, six winning numbers and two supplementary or bonus numbers are drawn.


Australian Saturday Superdraw: How to Win

To win the Australian Superdraw jackpot, players need to match the 6 winning numbers.

There are 5 prize categories in total. By matching as few as 1 main number and two bonus number, a cash prize is won!

The forty-five number pool – small by comparison – makes the Australian Superdraw jackpot statistically easier to win that virtually all of the world’s large lottery jackpots!



Australian Saturday Superdraw: Odds

The Australian Superdraw’s odds may just be its best feature. Check out the odds of winning for each prize tier below:


Australian Saturday Superdraw


Compared to other major lotteries and Superdraw events, the Australian Superdraw jackpots odds are incredible!


Australian Superdraw vs. EuroMillions Superdraw

1 in 8,145,060 vs. 1 in 139,838,160

Australian Superdraw vs. US Powerball

1 in 8,145,060 vs. 1 in 292,201,338

Australian Superdraw vs. UK National Lottery

1 in 8,145,060 vs. 1 in 45,057,474





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