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4 Reasons to Try the American Powerball Lottery Right Now!

Chances are that you’ve heard about American Powerball, or US Powerball as it’s known in the States.

That’s because when it comes to lotteries, there is no game as big or exciting as America’s Powerball lottery!

It’s easily one of the most popular lotteries in existence.

Known for its big jackpots and life-changing prizes, every lottery enthusiast should try this American lottery at least once. Here’s why you should play American Powerball today: 


 1. Powerball Lottery Jackpots Get Big – and FAST!

The starting or minimum jackpot for American Powerball is US$40 million. So if the jackpot isn’t won, it rolls over – and this American lottery has guaranteed jackpot rollovers of at least an additional US$10 million each time!

Finally, there isn’t any jackpot cap – so the jackpot keeps growing until it’s won. This is how American Powerball broke the world-record last year when it hit an unprecedented US$1.56 BILLION.


 2. Brilliant Secondary Prizes

American Powerball has 9 prize categories. Besides the life-changing jackpot (which everyone has their eye on!), it’s interesting to note that the second and third place prize are pretty substantial as well. You win an estimated US$1 million if you come in second, and around US$50,000 for third place.


3. Impressive Overall Odds of Winning

Your chance of winning the big one are 1 in 292,201,338 – which is pretty standard, when you consider just how large these jackpots get.

To win the Powerball jackpot, you must match all 5 main numbers as well as the bonus Powerball number. However, your overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 24 – pretty sweet for a lottery game of this size! 


4.  You Can Improve Your Chances in a Syndicate!

While there is no sure fire ways of winning the lottery, there are certain things you can do to improve your chances. For instance,  join a syndicate – that’s when you pool your money as a group to buy more tickets and spread the odds of winning. 

Another tip is to try and QuickPick your numbers instead of selecting them yourself. (This is when you let the computer generate random numbers for you). According to the Powerball website, around 70% to 80% of winners had QuickPick tickets.




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