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5 Ways You Miss Out When You Buy Lotto Tickets Instore

If there’s one thing everyone knows about lotto tickets is that you can buy them from your local corner store. But the question is, should you?

Here are the top 5 ways you miss out by buying lotto tickets in-store:

1. You can’t play for the world’s richest lottos

Buying lotto tickets in-store means little to no choice when it comes to picking lotteries. You have to stick to your local game.

When you play lotteries online, you can play international lotteries from around the world! Whether you go after the bigger jackpots, like American Powerball and EuroMillions or pick lotteries with amazing odds, like the Irish Lotto you have choice – and a lot of it.

2. You don’t get any exclusive deals or discounts

Who doesn’t enjoy a good deal? However, when you’re buying lottery tickets in-store, deals are hard to come by.

Online lottery playing has a lot more to offer on this front. From special promotions to seasonal discounts, if you want an additional bonus, playing online is the way to go.

3. If you lose your winning ticket, you lose your prize

It’s one of the saddest lotto stories out there – and it happens all too often. Losing your winning lottery ticket.

When you buy physical paper lotto tickets, you’ve got to keep them safe – or risk the chance of missing out on millions!

Besides losing one’s ticket, forgetting to check lotto tickets can also result in losing out on prizes, as many lotteries have a deadline before which you must claim your winnings.

When you play lotteries online, this is not an issue. Since you don’t purchase a ticket – there’s nothing to lose. You get your numbers via email. Plus, if the numbers you play are the winning numbers, you are notified instantly and your prize money is delivered to you in full, straight to your account.

4. You may be deterred by traffic, bad weather or other nuisances

We’ve all been there. There’s an enormous jackpot on, the deadline to buy tickets is coming up and you’re either stuck in traffic, or it’s awful outside and you don’t  fancy a walk, or something else comes up that prevents you from nipping out to the store.

But when you’re playing lotteries online, you can play from the comfort of your own home – with just a few simple clicks.

You also have an option for deciding the duration of your play. For instance, if you decide you want to try your luck on Australian Lotto 6/45 for 2 weeks, you can – by entering the number of corresponding draws. 



5. You don’t have a customer support system

There’s no real customer support system in-store for lotto tickets.

But when you play online, you can get all your questions answered by  friendly customer-service agents, either by phone, email or live chat. This can come in handy, if you want to find out more about the lotteries you’re interested in playing, or don’t understand something.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The benefits of going digital in your lottery play far outweigh buying local lotto tickets from your nearest store.

Now that you’re in the know – give it a try!



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