3 Benefits of Joining a Lottery Betting Syndicate

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Find out the 3 Reasons Why Lotto Winners Join Lottery Syndicates!

Did you know that 1 in 7 jackpots are won by syndicates?

Strategic lotto players do – which is why a lot of the world’s biggest jackpots have been won by syndicates.

In lotto betting, lottery syndicates work in a similar way.

When you join a lotto betting syndicate, you pool your money as a group – but instead of buying lotto tickets – you place multiple line bets on the outcome of a lotto draw. If any of the line bets match the winning numbers in the official draw, your syndicate wins!

Check out the top 3 reasons why lottery winners tend to join lottery syndicates:


1.Lottery Syndicates Improve Your Chances of Winning – by a LOT

If you had placed only 1 bet on the outcome of say, Irish Lotto your chances of winning would be significantly lower than if you had placed 100 bets.

In this way, lottery syndicates boost your chances by giving you a share in extremely large bets.

Since you’re betting on more numbers, it is more likely that you’ll have a win. That’s why 1 in 7 jackpots are won by syndicates.


2.Lottery Syndicates Are Easy On Your Wallet

Placing all those bets on Irish Lotto all by yourself would rack up quite a bill.

That’s where another advantage of lottery syndicates comes in – by betting as part of a lottery syndicate, you split the cost of the bets with your group.

This lets you get in on large bets for the fraction of what they would normally cost!


3.Lottery Syndicates Use Wheeling Systems

At Lotteries.com, all of our lottery syndicates use special number wheeling system to improve your winning chances even more.

A number wheel system consists of a set of numbers in different combinations across many lines – meaning your syndicate only needs to match a few numbers to win the top prize.

For instance, in our  Irish Lotto Syndicate, your syndicate only needs to match 4 winning numbers in our regular syndicate and as few as 3 in our super syndicate.


Join a lottery betting syndicate online

Lotteries.com offers 2 syndicate bet options on a variety of international lotteries – regular and super syndicates. Find out which matches your betting style.

Regular Syndicates

Regular syndicates are the classic option, which bet on up to hundreds of lines. Ideal for players who want to boost their chances on a budget


lottery syndicate bet




lottery syndicate bet Irish lotto



Super Syndicates

Super syndicates are large syndicates exclusive to Lotteries.com. These bet on up to hundreds of lines – and offer the amazing chances of winning online.

lottery syndicate online


lottery syndicate



Online lottery syndicates make it even more convenient – and safe to bet with a group. There’s no worry about setting it up, finding enough people, or figuring out how to handle splitting the prize money.

That’s all done for you in an online lottery syndicate – all you need to do is select the lottery you want to bet on and the number of shares you would like.

Keen to give it try? Check out the full list of online lottery syndicates available here!


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